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- Glass melting furnaces
- Glass pots
- Pressing, a general descripion
- Swedish pressed glass
- "Baking pancakes"
- Centrifuging
- Vacuum flasks

About hot glass techniques

When someone mentions "hot glass techniques", the fist associaton will probably be blowing glass.
Since our museum is about machines, both machines for making the production faster/more efficient and machines helping the glass workers making specific parts of the production better, we will not write much about the manual blowing. (But, when you are here, do go into the hot shop to admire the glass blowers!)
So, about manual glass blowing, we will only tell that the blow-pipe was probably invented in Fenicia some 3000 years ago.

Here, we will start by telling how glass melting furnaces are constructed for best efficiency (without a melt, no glass manufacturing!), and about the ladles, the pots that hold the molten glass inside the furnace.

The hot techniques we tell about here are, in chronological order:

In the museum we have a couple of "hot" machines: two glass presses and a semi-automatic bottle machine.

On the links page there are links to videos about fully automatic bottle machines.