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Links to many things technical about glass-manufacturing

(all links open in new windows)

Corning museum of glass situated in Corning, NY, USA. The museum was initiated by Corning Glassworks (famous for, among other things, Pyrex) and was opened in 1951. Since the museum has so much filmed material (700 films, according to themselves), I have made some "searches":

"Explainers" – some 50 short videos explaining glass and various (hot) techniques.
"Techniques" – 7 short videos about techniques (hot works)
- a few films about cutting and engraving

They have made a special site with 35 videos and articles about old venetian (hot) techniques: "The techniques of Renaissance Venetian Glassworking"

Here is the link to all videos

(Unfortunately, I haven't found much about cold techniques at the Corming museum)

A few more "hot" links:

- a video about glass pressing
- a video about the making of a form for pressing.
- a video showing a fully automated bottle-making machine

Window pane manufacturing, several old techniques:

This method is considered the oldest, "the crown glass method"

"The cylinder method" existed already in the 1400s, was the common method until the 1930s (the last Swedish glassworks manufacturing window glass this way was called Ramnåsa, closed in 1934) - three videos:
from Germany - note how the cylinder is "swung" to make it longer, at about 1:39 min. At about 2:55 the cylinder is re-heated and flattened to make a pane.
an older film, from Britain
From France (a commercial for Saint Gobain): - "swing" at 0:55 min

"Rolling", a technique invented by Bernardo Perrotto late in the 1680s.

(We wrote a book about the history of sheet glass, but it is only in Swedish - Planglas)

Films about "cold" glass techniques:

- about (deep) cutting
- about traditional engraving by copper wheel
- about engraving by hand-held engraving tool

Links to industrial heritage museums

in our vicinity:

- Lessebo hand paper mill
- The old forge in Orrefors
- Orrefors museum
- The glass factory in Boda glasbruk
- Kulturparken Småland

ArbetSam is an organization for collaboration for industrial museums all over Sweden. ArbetSam has over 500 member museums, but all of them may not be open to the public.
Here is where you search for the museums.