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- Our sheet glass exhibition
- Our pantographs
- Our guilloché machines
- Pictures from a pattern book
- Our presses
- Our semi-automatic bottle machine
- Our glass artifacts

Our first machine was the horizontal pantograph, which we were given in October 2015.
It took us some time until we had got it together, and moving...
How it works is described here.

Now we have a second pantograph, this of a totally different model. That, too, is described on the pantograph page. The two pantographs work a little differently.

Together with the second pantograph we got two different guilloché machines.

We also have two glass presses - one totally manual and the other pneumatic. The pneumatic press was nearly as manual as the other...

Another machine is the semi-automatic bottle machine - again assisted by compressed air. We also have two bottles made on this very machine!

Most of our glass artifacts are collected to illustrate different techniques, both "hot" (> 600 oC) and "cold" (< 4-500 oC)

Outside, on the north gable, we show some examples of "sheet glass".