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Visit us: things to know

• To visit us off-season please contact us at to make an appointment.

• Our opening dates and times for spring and summer 2020:
    •  from the 25:th of April we will be open Saturdays 10-16, Sundays 12-16
    •  the 16:th to (and including) the 24:th of May we will be open daily 10-16
    •  from the 6:th of June we will be open daily from 10-16 to and including the 16:th of August

• We are located in Bergdala, right beside the glassworks, Bergdalahyttan.
The GPS-coordinates are N 56° 50' 05", E 15° 13' 19".

• There are no public transports to Bergdala. The nearest train stations are Hovmantorp and Lessebo. Both are at a distance of approximately 10 km from Bergdala.
There are buses on road 25, but it is approximately 78 km from the nearest bus stops.
If you really want to visit us, but lack means of transport - welcome to contact us at well in advace, and we can probably work something out.

• We have no entrance fee, but gladly take donations. (So far, only cash)
The museum is run by a nonprofit foundation, without any public funding (read more here).

• Unfortunately, our accessibility is not good. We can take wheelchairs, but need 10-15 minutes warning. The door openings are ca 1 metre, and it is tight between machines. We try to help as best we can, but the building is from 1890...
We do not have a toilet, but there is one in the glass shop.
We do offer audioguides in Swedish and English (they are accessible online, here).

• In our museum you can touch all the machines, even try to operate them.
This means there is a risk that you can get dirty.
At some machines there is a risk of pinching, so be careful (and mind your children). The glass moulds are heavy, so be careful when you handle them.

• The museum is located on an industrial site: the glassworks has operated for over a hundred years. This means there are lots of glass splinters in the ground: never walk barefoot, try not to let your children fall, be careful with paws of dogs. (Dogs and children are welome into the museum - there are less splinters indoors...)
The ground is contaminated by, among other poisons, arsenic: do not eat dirt! (Read more about environmental problems here.)

• There are picnic tables outside both the museum and the glassworks, but at this time there is no food service. You can get coffee and biscuits in the hot shop.
We can recommend cafés and restaurants in the vicinity!

All this said, we have not had any incident/accident in our first four years!

map of Bergdata
map of the surroundings