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London-related pantograph templates

Of our 170 (or so) pantograph patterns a surprisingly big number are for export, for hotels and restaurants mainly in the London (UK), but also in Denmark, possibly other countries.
Below is a selection we can identify as (probably) London establishments.

To the right is picture from the book Modernt svenskt glas (1943), showing "Kosta, restaurangglas från 90-talet" (Kosta, restaurant glass from the '90ies) (obviously that means 1890ies).
As the template (below right) looks very similar, even if the photo is not quite clear, we postulate the glass was made for Hotel Cecil.
We believe that most of the restaurant glasss were of this simple type.

We do not know the exact period these glasses were made: the pantograph was in operation from about 1880 up to the 1980ies.
Hotel Cecil was, according to Wikipedia, in operation between about 1895 to 1917.
We also know that The Ritz, opened in 1906, had a different logo from the beginning (and I haven't, yet, found out when it was changed).

These two facts are, of course, totally unrelated - the reason they are here is that one might think that one place acquired etched glasses, word went out, another place ordered... and it soon became high fashion for any serious hotel or resturant to have their own glasses.
My guess would be that most of these glasses are from well before 1930, and that they were of no importance to their contemporaries: yet another advertisement.

We would really, really like to have one of these "foreign" glasses: should any of you happen to locate one, please contact us!

book illustration: glass for Hotel Cecil
Here they come, in some sort of alphabetical order:
The Albion Hotel
The Berkeley
Hotel Cecil
Restaurant Frascati
Junior Army & Navy Club
New Gallery
Princes Restaurant
Ritz Hotel
Savoy Hotel
Whitehall court