This website is bilingual, written both in Swedish and English. For those of you preferring another language, we provide "google translate". Be aware that automatic translation sometimes gives very odd results...

Denna webplats är tvåspråkig, finns på både svenska och englska. För er som föredrar andra språk, har vi lagt till "google translate". Kom ihåg att automatiska översättningar ibland ger konstiga resultat...

- Our sheet glass exhibition
- Our pantograph
- Our guilloché machines
- Our presses
- Our semi-automatic bottle machine
- Our glass artefacts

Two guilloché machines

These machines were also used to prepare glasses for etching.
The patterns made with these machines are different from those made with the pantograph - read more about the differences here.

We haven't had the time to write about them yet, and the stories we have (so far) are all in Swedish at our blog (opens in new window). We do provide a google translate on the blog, but the results are somewhat... unpredictable.

The video clip shows how the smaller machine moves - there is a person turning the handle.
The pictures are from the "homecoming".